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NYC Urban Sketching Event

Halloween Spooktacular SKetching Event imageHalloween Spooktacular SKetching Event image
Welcome to our HALLOWEEN SPOOKtacular Sketching Event. 
For the morning session, we will take a visual voyage to scenic places steeped in mayhem and shrouded in dark histories:  Salem, MA and Amityville, NY . Both locations are reknown for their Halloween theme.

For the afternoon session, we will venture into The Most Abandoned and Creepiest Places on the Planet to capture some fascinating yet nightmarish tableau and landscapes. Be prepared to be chilled and thrilled with what you encounter on your sketching journeys. Beware my pretties, Halloween is a time when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest.

As an artistic challenge, try to use dark, monochromatic colors and/or dark paper to portray and eerie, dreary scene. Sinister shadows, gossamer mist, and a full moon are most welcome in your artistic rendition of a scene. If you are truly afraid of the dark, stick to basic Halloween colors: orange, brown, yellow, red, green, and black.

Tips for using dark mediums:

CLICK on the GREEN or ORANGE  links to take you to the designated web page.

[Short Introduction to Salem ]
[Short introduction to Amityville Horror House ]            

SALEM, Massachussettts
Getty Images of Salem
Salem Attractions
House of the Seven Gables
(This is one of the most fascinating house tours I've been to. 
In 2003, I climbed the dark, swelteringly hot stairwell behind 
the pantry door to the servants quarters.) 
Pioneer Village
Salem Witch Trials Memorial
Best of Salem Tours
Witchy Guide to Salem
Magika- Lori Bruno (Witch of Salem)
*watch Lori's short video at the bottom
Pickering Wharf

Amityville, NY
Amityville Horror House
Interior of House
The Red Room

Abandoned Places
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Beautiful Abandoned Places

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  • 19 1/2 N Washington Square, Salem, MA 01970